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        1. WPS

          Compliance Assistance Library

          Does the WPS apply to you?

          Frequently Asked Questions and Guides for:

          WPS Training Videos for Workers and Handlers

          WPS "How to Comply" Manual in English and Spanish

          This manual will be helpful to agricultural employers and commercial pesticide handling operations as the newly revised regulation goes into effect (partially) on January 2, 2017.

          WPS Training Materials

          This collection has videos, booklets, flip-charts, and presentations for official (EPA-approved) WPS training. For a wider collection, see our Inventory of WPS training materials.

          Spanish-language training materials are now available in English and Spanish.

          Materials for Training Trainers

          WPS Respiratory Protection Guide in English and Spanish

          This guide will explain the new requirements for agricultural employers and pesticide handlers when pesticide labels require the use of a respirator.

          WPS Posters and Flipcharts

          Under the WPS, specific information must be available to agricultural workers and pesticide handlers at all times during their working hours. Visit our Central Posting Materials and Flipcharts to download the updated materials or order your own copies.

          WPS Handouts













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